DC’s Plastic Exploding Inevitably Stupid Idea

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Well, it was only a matter of time.

In fact, I’m surprised it took this long (nearly 25 years after the event).

The Watchmen is going to be franchised.

Although less than cordial relationships have been maintained between Alan Moore and DC head honcho Paul Levitz, Levitz has always recognised the need not to dilute the power of The Watchmen (which has subsequent to the the film adaptation, become DC’s best selling publication). However, Levitz has stepped down, and with the incredible success of the film, the door has been opened to allow The Watchmen not only have prequels, sequels and spin offs, but also for the universe to fit into DC’s ridiculously unweidly Multiverse continuity. Although the above picture is a Wizard cover, the chances are high that DC’s most viable stock will be able to filter into cross-over stories, which will no doubt finally answer that age old question that has obviously been percolating in the readers mind for the last 20 or so years; who WOULD win a fight between Batman and Rorschach? I know I cant wait to find out. This would be a good time to check the batteries in your saracsm detector.

Weirdly, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons WILL be given first refusal, but obviously that is highly doubtful given Moore’s stance .


Swamp Thing Movie

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Hopefully getting confused with his Giant Sized Man Thing, enemy of good taste and comics in general, Joel Silver,  is planning on dragging another of Alan Moore’s ideas through the mud. Yes kids, Silver is planning on getting his dirty mitts on Wrightson & Wein’s Swamp Thing (though no doubt pilfering ideas from Moore’s reboot) and planning on bringing him to the big screen. The project is in early development stages at the minute, but plans to utilise the cutting edge 3D techniques that James Cameron is always blathering on about.

Anyone who spent any time lingering in video shops during the late 80’s and early 90’s will probably remember the two god-awful attempts (the first by horror hack Wes Craven), which was followed up by a TV series and cartoon. Here’s a lovely little reminder of why its such a bad idea…

The Saga Of The Beard Thing

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Beard Thing

Beard Thing

A lovely little thing my friend Ulysses drawed with his own hands


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 Hilariously, a racist, fear-mongering rag appear to have the first ‘paparazzi’ shot  (at least the first Ive ever seen) of Alan Moore seen ‘…going for a walk near his home with his wife Melinda’, which apparantly Alan did as an act of flagrant protest against the premiere of The Watchmen. I was expecting him to be floating a good six inches off the ground, but no, he walks like us mere mortals

 found on the floor of Heat magazine's photo archive

Whether The Watchmen is actually responsible for secret terrorist camps run by asylum seekers who live in mansions, paid for at the tax-payers expense is unclear. 

Find out mo(o)re here

Saturday Morning Watchmen

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One of Alan Moore’s greatest fears of DC not relinquishing control of the Watchmen property was the idea of hack writers (which the comic world has no real shortage of) taking the story and devolping it in particularly disturbing directions. Strangely enough, DC have remained faithful to The Watchmen (unless, of course, you discount the ‘promotional items’ contemporaneous to the book and the recent ‘faithful translation’ of the movie).

Breathing life into Moore’s fearful phantoms, young British animator, Harry Partridge skillfully lampoons what could have easily appeared given a few regrettable decisions.

Leopardman At C&A

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Fans of grimy garage soul rock and comic nerds finally meet in the middle now that Motor City madmen, The Dirtbombs,  have taken Leopardman At C&A (which can be found in Avatar Press’s shockingly amatuerish The Alan Moore Songbook) and put their own demented beat to it. Described by frontman Mick Collins as “a fabulous take on urban paranoia”, it is unclear as to whether this has been sanctioned by Mr. Moore himself. Its a bloody good racket, though.

Straight outta the Boroughs

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A nice (if not entirely swish, production-wise) little interview from a Northampton community project with Mr Moore, revolving around his upbringing in the Boroughs. As most of you will already know, his forthcoming novel Jerusalem is centred on the Boroughs housing estate where he grew up. Here on the final chapter, Alan gives a stirring speech about following your dreams whilst negotiating the pitfalls of fame and fortune

This is the final chapter of ten. Find the others on YouTube