Swamp Thing Movie

Hopefully getting confused with his Giant Sized Man Thing, enemy of good taste and comics in general, Joel Silver,  is planning on dragging another of Alan Moore’s ideas through the mud. Yes kids, Silver is planning on getting his dirty mitts on Wrightson & Wein’s Swamp Thing (though no doubt pilfering ideas from Moore’s reboot) and planning on bringing him to the big screen. The project is in early development stages at the minute, but plans to utilise the cutting edge 3D techniques that James Cameron is always blathering on about.

Anyone who spent any time lingering in video shops during the late 80’s and early 90’s will probably remember the two god-awful attempts (the first by horror hack Wes Craven), which was followed up by a TV series and cartoon. Here’s a lovely little reminder of why its such a bad idea…


~ by moonchief on September 4, 2009.

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